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Journey To Beauty

Journey To Beauty

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  • Salicylic Acid: Treating Acne Effectively

    28 March 2017 ( #salicylic acid, #acne )

    Treating acne problems is without a doubt one the most impacting and irritating undertakings an individual might suffer. Dermatologist and other medical physicians are providing an array of promising medications that can solve acne problems. But first,...

  • Basics of Laser Treatments for Acne

    28 March 2017 ( #laser treatment, #acne treatment )

    There are several available solutions for acne problems. While most people opt to go with the commercialized products or the natural ways of acne treatment, some are now considering and using laser to treat acne. If you are one of those individuals who...

  • Over The Counter Remedy for Severe Acne

    28 March 2017 ( #acne treatment, #over-the-counter )

    What could be worse than having acne breakout? A more severe acne. Cystic acne, better known as the gravest acne problem, overshadows the typical one because it causes a deeper harm on skin tissue. Also identified as nodulocystic acne, they form as inflammations...